Important for Readers


I started writing this blog just to express and share my knowledge and experience. The views expressed in posts are my own and not necessarily those of my current employer , Oracle or its affiliates. Also the views and opinions expressed by visitors in form of comments on this blog are their own and do not necessarily reflect mine. All posts in this BLOG are written / demonstrated by using Application version and R12

I have tried my level best to maintain this BLOG but if still there is any observation / reservation then let me know by email / or post your comments.This BLOG is best viewed by using Mozilla Firefox browser

Your comments and feedback will be really appreciated.


Ahmad Bilal


You can view my old posts on my blog

8 thoughts on “Important for Readers

  1. I have been following your responses to the queries posted at You have been a great help to all.

    Keep it up.

    I need your assistance to learn more about SYSadmin stuff related to Oracle Apps. As our DBA has left and I have been assigned to take up the responsibilities of SYSAdmin. I have been doing a few DBA activities only. Can you please help in learning Oracle Apps Sysadmin things, by providing sites similar to

  2. hi ahmad, seen ur blog, quite interesting articles, like to know ur feedback and advise on my blog i started on my oracle application knowledge. plz visit and share ur feedback.

  3. We are trying to reconsile Oracle ERP Value with GL Balnce Inventory value , but we are obesrving that there are huge differance even over a period differance is increasing at positive side can some one help us ,
    How to math the Inventory Value with GL Inventory value

    Thanks & Regards

    Yogesh Patel

  4. Global Agreements and use of “Enable All Sites”. The contract purchase agreement is done with a supplier’s headquarters but the actual POs need to be sent to a supplier’s location that is close to the actual deliver-to-location. Will using “Enable All Sites” solve this problem?

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