Oracle e business Suite

Before starting Oracle e business Suite I would like to discuss a little about ERP
Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is an industry term for integrated, multi-module application software packages that are designed to serve and support multiple business functions. An ERP system can include software for manufacturing, order entry, accounts receivable and payable, general ledger, purchasing, warehousing, transportation and human resources. ERP modules may be able to interface with an organization’s own software, It’s depending on the software
Oracle E-Business Suite is the industry’s only complete and integrated set of enterprise applications, working together seamlessly to streamline every area of your business.
From sales, service, and marketing, through financial and human resources, to supply chain and manufacturing. Oracle E-Business Suite is fastest path to high-quality enterprise intelligence, It brings company a true 360-degree view of your finances, your customers, and your supply chains matters,
You can make faster, better decisions and grow profitability in a competitive marketplace.
Application software typically automates only departmental business processes. Oracle
E-Business Suite is different;
It automates all parts of your business. From Sampling, Marketing, Selling, Ordering, planning, procuring, manufacturing, fulfilling, servicing, and maintaining, to handling finance, human resources, and project management. Oracle E-Business Suite provides a comprehensive and integrated offering. In the past, we had to choose between an integrated suite and “best of breed” for rich functionality. With Oracle, we can now have an integrated suite built on unified information architecture—with the functionality we need in each individual application. These applications connect business processes within and across departmental, geographical, and line-of-business domains. With Oracle E-Business Suite’s depth of product functionality and breadth of product offering, you can take your business further by automating processes across the enterprise.

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