Order Management Profile Options with there effects

AR: Use Invoice Accounting for Credit Memos
Receivable does not require you to enter a Revenue Account for Credit Memo transaction Types if the profile option AR: Use Invoice Accounting for Credit Memos is set to Yes. Otherwise, you must enter a Revenue Account
This profile option determines whether to assign your credit memo to the same accounts that are assigned to the invoice you are crediting.

BOM: Check for Duplicate Configuration
Indicates whether to search for an existing duplicate configuration rather than create a new item
Match and Reserve ATO Configurations allow you to check for an existing matching configuration and reserve against it. While entering an order you can search for matching active ATO configurations and associated available-to-transact quantities based on the options selected for the entered order line. To select a matching configuration the following criteria must be met:
The order must be booked
The order line cannot have an associated configuration item assigned
The profile option BOM: Check for Duplicate Configurations must be set to Match and Reserve

BOM: Component Item Sequence Increment
Indicates the value by which to increment the sequence of the component item on the bill

BOM: Configurator URL of UI Manager
User for Web based configuration required in case of oracle Configurator

BOM: Default Bill of Material Levels
Indicates the number of explosion levels to use as a default for bill of material indented explosions
Journals: Display Inverse Rate
Journals: Display Inverse Rate set to Yes, General Ledger will display inverse exchange rates in the Enter Journals and other windows. For example, assume that the profile option is set to Yes and your functional currency is USD. If you enter the AUD to USD rate as .7793 in the Daily Rates window, General Ledger will display the inverse rate, or 1.2832, in the Enter Journals window when you create a foreign currency journal using AUD as the foreign currency.

OM: Administer Public Queries
OM: Administer Public Queries is set to Yes, you will see a checkbox labeled Public. Checking this checkbox will save this query under Public Folders and all users will see it. Leaving this checkbox unchecked will save this query under Personal Folders and only you will have access to it.


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