Submit Concurrent Requests at the OS level

CONCSUB is a utility for allowing the Sysadmin user name and password to have the ability to submit concurrent requests at the OS level. This utility, unlike many of the Applications utilities, is not menu driven. It runs from the command line, submits a concurrent request, and returns you to the command prompt once the concurrent request completes. You can check the status of your concurrent request via the Concurrent Request form


CONCSUB applsys/pwd ‘responsibility application short name’ ‘responsibility name’ ‘username’ [wait=] CONCURRENT ‘Program application short name’ PROGRAM

CONCSUB Parameters and Their Meanings


Oracle application user name and password that connects to Applications Object Library.

Responsibility Application Short Name

Application short name of the responsibility you want to run the request for.

Responsibility Name

Name of the responsibility for which you want to run the request.


User name of the person who is submitting the request.


Do you want CONCSUB to wait before returning the OS command prompt?

N (default value) waits until the job completes.

Y returns you to the command prompt.

“n” is the number of seconds to wait before it exits.

If this parameter is used, it has to come before concurrent.

Program Application Short Name

Short name of the program (for deactivate, abort, and verify, the program application short name is FND).


The program to submit (e.g., DEACTIVATES, VERIFY, ABORT).

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