Oracle’s Application Implementation Methodology

Oracle’s Application Implementation Methodology is their methodology for the implementation of its e-Business Suite (ebs). According to Oracle: –

AIM Advantage is a time-tested implementation approach and toolkit for planning, executing and controlling the implementation of your Oracle E-Business Suite. It is the only implementation method specifically built for Oracle Applications, and has been used in thousands of successful implementations by Oracle Consulting, Oracle’s select implementation partners, and customers.

I’ve used this methodology on all of the Oracle Applications implementations I have been involved in and have found it to be a very useful tool. The methodology helps you plan and document an implementation at all stages of the life cycle. Information on the pricing can be found by performing a search for “AIM” at the Oracle Store. Here you will find two options: –

  1. AIM advantage without Supplement Option – Packaged Method Named User (US$2,200)
  2. AIM Advantage with Supplement Option – Packaged Method Named User (US$2,530)

Both of these options provide you with the AIM CD-ROM and documentation whilst according to the Store, with the supplement option:

Oracle will provide access to AIM Advantage 3.0 supplements made generally available to commercial customers for a period of twelve months from the effective date of purchase. Supplements may include new deliverable templates and point releases of AIM Advantage (e.g. Version 3.0 to version 3.1), but will not include new major releases (e.g. Version 3.0 to version 4.0); major releases are licensed separately.

As the pricing is based on a named user, an organizations implementation cost would be directly related to the number of users that would make use of the software. To continue receiving annual updates via the supplementary option the cost would be 15% of the current list price of AIM.



3 thoughts on “Oracle’s Application Implementation Methodology

  1. Hi,

    I was recently introduced to this concept of Oracle AIM and found it very interesting.I wanted to know how easy it to start using this software/tool and what do you think is the strong point of AIM and how it stands out in providing value to the customers.
    Also why do you think the customer should adopt this methodology to benefit in the implementation cycle.


  2. Key Benefits

    * AIM Advantage gives you a proven roadmap to guide your implementation. Developed from the extensive experience of Oracle consultants, it has been applied in thousands of enterprises to plan and execute successful implementations of Oracle Applications. Through AIM Advantage, you are benefiting from Oracle Consulting’s unmatched expertise in this field. We are the global leader in implementing Oracle Applications.
    * AIM Advantage was developed with the specific objective of enabling you to achieve faster implementations with lower costs and mitigated risks. AIM Advantage saves you time, expense and resources. And with the AIM Advantage blueprint, you can be confident that nothing important is overlooked in the implementation process.
    * AIM Advantage is not a one-size-fits-all template, but is tailored to your specific Oracle Applications solution. Unlike other implementation toolkits, the AIM project plan is scaleable and adaptable to fit your business needs, focusing on what is most important and avoiding wasted time on non-critical issues.

    Key Features

    The AIM Advantage product gives you all the tools you need to make your implementation successful by providing guidelines for:

    * Business Process Architecture
    * Business Requirements Definition
    * Business Requirements Mapping
    * Application and Technical Architecture
    * Module Design and Build
    * Data Conversion
    * Documentation
    * Business System Testing
    * Adoption and Learning
    * Performance Testing
    * Production Migration

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