Business Object for Pricing Formulas Application Program Interface

· QP_Price_formula_PUB.Get_Price_Formula
The Formula Calculation package retrieves the price formula header and lines for a given formula.
· QP_Price_formula_PUB.Process_Price_Formula
Performs the insert, update, and delete of price formula header and price formula lines.
· QP_Price_formula_PUB.Lock_Price_FormulaLocks price formula header and price formula lines records prior to updates

Get Custom Price Used in Formulas Setup) Application Program Interface

· QP_CUSTOM.Get_Custom_Price
You may add custom code to this customizable function. The pricing engine while evaluating a formula that contains a formula line (step) of type “function” calls this API.

Request Application Program Interface

· QP_PREQ_GRP.Price_Request
The Price Request Application Program Interface (API) is a public API that allows you to get a base price and to apply price adjustments, other benefits, and charges to a transaction.


  1. Hi, thanks for your blog.
    I am trying to look for an API in Adv. Pricing, where I want to get the Discount amount from Modifier.
    My inputs would be: order line Id, inventory item id, customer id, ship to and order source.
    We have a Modifier setup with these qualifying attributes as: customer name/id, ship to location, order source.
    Tried with the API QP_PREQ_PUB.price_request() but the amount adjusted is not giving the Discount amount which was setup in Modifier. Can you please share your comments or snippet of code, of how to derive the adjustment price from a Modifier using an API?
    Appreciate your help on this?

    Thanks much!

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