Tables Used in Pricing

Following Tables used to store all price List Data and used Frequently in reporting and oracle Internal operations


This table is used to store price adjustments that have been applied to an order or a line. The column automatic flag indicates if the adjustment was applied automatically or manually. Manual discounts are created with applied_Flag = Y.

SELECT price_adjustment_id, creation_date, header_id “Order Header”,

automatic_flag “discount applied automatically”,

line_id “ORDER LINE_ID”,

orig_sys_discount_ref “Original discount reference”,

list_header_id “Header Id of the Modifier”,

list_line_id “Line id of the Modifier”,

list_line_type_code “Line Type of the Modifier”,

accrual_flag “adjustment is accrued”, benefit_qty “Quantity accrued”,


FROM ont.oe_price_adjustments


This table stores information on qualifiers and pricing attributes, which to that corresponding price adjustment line qualified for “price_adjustment_id” is link between this table and ont.oe_price_adjustments

SELECT price_adjustment_id,

pricing_attr_value_from “from Value pricing Attribute”,

pricing_attr_value_to “To Value pricing Attribute”,

comparison_operator “Operators”,

flex_title “pricing_context Flex_name”, price_adj_attrib_id,


FROM ont.oe_price_adj_attribs;


This table stores the association between Order lines and price adjustments and also between price adjustments. One adjustment may be a result of benefit on one or more order lines. “price_adjustment_id” is link between this table and ont.oe_price_adjustments

SELECT line_id “Order Line Id”, price_adjustment_id,

rltd_price_adj_id “price_adjustment_id”

FROM ont.oe_price_adj_assocs;


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