Get Report List With Parameters

Use this query to Get Report List along With Parameters

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SELECT a.concurrent_program_name AS concurrent_program_name,
a.user_concurrent_program_name AS user_concurrent_program_name,
c.application_short_name AS application_short_name,
b.column_seq_num AS column_seq_num, b.srw_param AS param_seq,
b.form_left_prompt AS prompt,
d.flex_value_set_name AS values_set_name
FROM fnd_concurrent_programs_vl a,
fnd_descr_flex_col_usage_vl b,
fnd_application c,
fnd_flex_value_sets d
WHERE a.enabled_flag = ‘Y’
AND a.concurrent_program_name =
SUBSTR (b.descriptive_flexfield_name, 7, 100)
AND a.application_id = c.application_id
AND b.enabled_flag = ‘Y’
AND b.flex_value_set_id = d.flex_value_set_id
ORDER BY a.concurrent_program_id, b.column_seq_num


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