Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning has component based architecture that separates the transaction data and processing associated in a source instance from the planning calculations done in a destination instance.

The Oracle Advanced Planning can plan a single instance or multiple instances. An instance is a database and a set of applications.

There are several types of instances:

Source instances
Source instances hold source information, for example, items, bill of materials, Orders. Source instances are Oracle Applications instances (from releases 10.7, 11.0, and 11i) or legacy systems.

Destination instance
The destination instance (APS planning server) holds planning information. Planners use the planning server to store information collected from the source instances. Run, analyze, and simulate plans; and implement planned orders.

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning consist of following modules

1. Oracle Collaborative Planning
2. Oracle Demand Planning
3. Oracle Global Order Promising
4. Oracle Inventory Optimization
5. Oracle Manufacturing Scheduling

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