How to Setup Manual Modifier for Special Charges

Oracle Advance Pricing Facilitate us to define manual adjustments for discounts, surcharges and freight charges. In order to override the selling price directly on the order or apply any surcharge, we must define a manual surcharge.

Following are the steps with screen shot that how to define manual surcharge modifier

Define Modifiers

Navigate to

Modifiers –> Modifier Setup

By using Oracle Pricing Manager Responsibility

Fill the information as per following

In Header Block on Main (T)

· Type :- Freight and Special charge List

· Name :- XX Manual Modifier (its on your own discretion)

· Number :- ABC123 (its on your own discretion)

· Active :- Check this Box

· Automatic :- Leave Unchecked (To inform system this is a manual modifier)

· Description :- Manual Modifier for Demonstration

In Detail Block on Modifiers Summary (T)

· Modifier Number :- System Will Automatically generate this number

· Level :- Order

· Modifier Type :- Freight/Special Charge

· Pricing Phase :- Header Level Adjustments

In Detail Block on Discounts/Charges (T)

· Charge Name: – Administration Fees

· Application Method :- Lumpsum

· Value :- 5000

Save all the information

Build Attribute Mapping

Navigate to


By using Oracle Pricing Manager Responsibility and submit the request named “Build Attribute Mapping Rules” with default parameters


Apply Surcharge on Order

Navigate to

Orders. Returns à Sale Orders

By using Order Management Super User Responsibility

Enter and Save an Order


After Clicking on Action (B) a list of value will popped up select “Charges” as shown in picture below

A new interface will appear select charge “Administration Fees” defined earlier all related information automatically retrieved upon selection of charge name and

Click on Apply Button and look at charges field on main Page of Order Entry Form our manual surcharge is applied

7 thoughts on “How to Setup Manual Modifier for Special Charges

  1. This is really a usefull information.

    In thse about example. Can we display the charges separately on the invoice which is generated?

  2. very good article.
    in the line >actions>view adjustments>rate
    I want to over ride rate and order should not be booked,if rate is above defined percentage in modifier.
    can you suggest set ups for this scenario

  3. Subject: 11.5.5 OM_PF-G To Limit within a Range the Manual Unit price adjustment on Sales Order Line

    Doc ID: NOTE:199442.1 TYPE: HOWTO
    Last Revision Date: 01-OCT-2004 Status: ARCHIVED

    * goal: How to Limit the Manual Unit price adjustment on Sales Order Line within a Range ?


    Enhancement request 1951965 is logged for this functionality

    anyways you can use Custom Qualifier.

  4. Hi

    This is good article with complate guidience.Try to give more datails about other functionalities of the Orader amnagement as well as AP,AR,Gl,Inventary,BOM.


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