How to enable the Cancel button on Application Login page

Oracle Applications provides the ability to include several optional attributes in the login page.

The attributes are as follows:

  1. Username Hint
  2. Password Hint
  3. Cancel Button
  4. Forgot Password Link
  5. Register Here Link
  6. Language Images

These attributes are controlled via a single profile option, “Local Login Mask” (FND_SSO_LOCAL_LOGIN_MASK).

In order to display one or more of these optional attributes on the Application Login page, add the numeric values of all desired attributes and then set the value of the profile option to that value “Local Login Mask”.

Following is numeric value for each attribute

  1. Username Hint = 01
  2. Password Hint = 02
  3. Cancel Button = 04
  4. Forgot Password Link = 08
  5. Register Here Link = 16
  6. Language Images = 32

If you want to display the Cancel Button on the Application login page, then the profile value should be set to 04 Cancel Button . In order to display just the language images, set the profile value to 32.

Save the record after restarting Application services your login page looks like this


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