Order Import and Prerequisites for order Import

Order Import is an open interface that consists of open interface tables and set of API’s. By using order import you can New, updated, or changed sales orders from other applications.

Order Import can do following things for you

1. Validations

2. Defaulting

3. Processing Constraints checks

4. Applying and releasing of order holds

5. Scheduling of shipments

Order management checks all the data during the import process to ensure its validity with Order management So be prepare for anything horrible. Valid Transactions then converted into orders with lines, reservations, price adjustments, and sales credits in the OM base tables.

Following are Prerequisites for order Import

1. Setup Order Management

2. Customer Should Be Created along with bill to and ship to

3. Pricing Should Be Defined for all those items which are part of upload

4. Item Should be assigned to Inventory organization

5. Define Order Import Source

6. Payment Terms Should be Setup

7. Currency should be setup if order currency is different from SOB currency then conversion rate and conversion type should be defined


5 thoughts on “Order Import and Prerequisites for order Import

  1. Hi
    I would like to know more about Order import feature. Where can I look for this info and how do I make sure my order data contains all the fields needed for the Oracle Orders table. My business requirement is that I would be creating my orders from external application . I have move this data to the Oracle apps.
    Please suggest links for more reading

  2. How to Import Sales Orders in Fulfilled status?
    Here the Items are lot and lolcator controlled..Can anyone giv the idea?

  3. Hi
    I urgently need help in order Import Program. I have done all set up and pre-reqs but log still says ‘No Order to Process’
    I have set up one record in each oe_headers_iface_all and oe_lines_iface_all tables.

    Please advice if I am missing anything.

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