How to Check Sale Order Flexfieled Setup

Run following query by connecting User APPS

SELECT id_flex_structure_code structure_code,
DECODE (dynamic_inserts_allowed_flag,
‘Y’, ‘OK: Dynamic’,
‘ERROR: No Dynamic’
) dynamic,
DECODE (freeze_flex_definition_flag,
‘Y’, ‘OK: Freezed’,
‘ERROR: No Freezed’
) freeze,
segment_num seg_number, segment_name seg_name,
DECODE (required_flag,
‘Y’, ‘OK: Required’,
‘ERROR: No required’
) required,
DECODE (fvs.flex_value_set_name,
) value_set,
DECODE (fvs.validation_type,
‘N’, ‘OK: No validation’,
‘ERROR: ‘ || fvs.validation_type
DECODE (fvs.uppercase_only_flag,
‘N’, ‘OK: No’,
‘ERROR: Uppercase Only’
) uppercase_only,
DECODE (alphanumeric_allowed_flag,
‘Y’, ‘OK: Allowed’,
‘ERROR: Not Allowed’
) alphanumeric,
DECODE (numeric_mode_enabled_flag,
‘N’, ‘OK:Not justified’,
‘ERROR: Justified’
) right_justify,
DECODE (format_type,
‘C’, ‘OK: Char’,
‘ERROR: ‘ || format_type
) format_type
FROM fnd_id_flex_structures_vl ffst,
fnd_id_flex_segments_vl ffsg,
fnd_flex_value_sets fvs
WHERE ffst.application_id = 401
AND ffst.id_flex_code = ‘MKTS’
AND ffst.enabled_flag = ‘Y’
AND ffst.application_id = ffsg.application_id
AND ffst.id_flex_code = ffsg.id_flex_code
AND ffst.id_flex_num = ffsg.id_flex_num
AND ffsg.enabled_flag = ‘Y’
AND fvs.flex_value_set_id(+) = ffsg.flex_value_set_id;


4 thoughts on “How to Check Sale Order Flexfieled Setup

  1. Hi,

    Maybe you want to try our free tool Documentool for Flexfields? It generates flexfield setup documentation for all the flexfields of all modules.

    Drop me a mail if you want more info, or download it from our site.


  2. hi mr. ahmad,

    i have been following u in net silently for the last many days…and would appreciate your contribution to oracle aspirant and the ones who are already in and facing trouble..are commendable…

    keep noble work going..

    mahesh tiwari

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