Change serial number on a Transacted Move Order

The user types invalid serial number while transacting a move order during pick release.

User type serial number ABC116 of item ABC but they want to dispatch Serial number ABC161. Now the order is picked and ready to ship, but the wrong serial number is associated to the order.

Here are the steps to correct the serial number:

1. Go to shipping transactions form.

2. Set shipped quantity to 0.

3. Go to Inventory > Transactions > Sub inventory transfer:

4. Sub inventory transfer the correct serial number from your warehouse to your staging sub inventory.

5. Sub inventory transfer the wrong serial Number ABC116 from the staging sub inventory to the warehouse.

6. Return to the shipping transactions form.

7. Change sales order to the amount shipped and 0 backordered

8. Go to the Inventory Details tab or Tools > Serial Numbers.

9. Choose the Correct Serial Number ABC161

10. Perform sales order issue order.



One thought on “Change serial number on a Transacted Move Order

  1. Hi
    we are facing invalid serial number issue in interface table.
    Actvally order got shipped with wrong serial number and record got struckup in interface table. we are try to set shipped qty to Zero in shippeing transaction screen,but here fields get feezed after shpip confirm.
    can you suggest me 🙂

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