RFID Enabled Shipping and Receiving


RFID Enabled Shipping & Receiving

Above diagram outlines the planned flow of an RFID Receipt. The huge potential of RFID is that data capture does not require user interaction or line of sight. So transaction can be processed without any manual user interaction with the system.

Here the action of a receiving dock worker driving through a doorway which is covered by an RFID reader will automatically trigger an ASN Receipt. Similar processes are possible for intra-warehouse moves, shipping, etc.

To make this work several components are required:

  1. Middle ware is required to interface with the RFID Reader hardware and to provide the appropriate filtering so that duplicate or erroneous reads are eliminated.
  2. The information from the read must be interpreted as a specific business event. This means that the ID of the tag must be resolved into some data on the system and based on the state of that data, the transaction to be processed can be deduced. For example, if you read an ID at a reader in Receiving, and that ID is associated with an LPN on an ASN that you have received from your supplier, then the transaction to be processed is an ASN Receipt of that LPN.
  3. The application must process that transaction using a API which does not require user input.
  4. Any results or exceptions must be processed and these made available (via the middle ware) to the light trees, buzzers, etc to single results to the user.

The above framework is currently being prototyped for possible inclusion in a future release.

Reference: – Oracle Apps World


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