Steps in ERP Gap Analysis

  • The primary step will be to make a note of the existing business system and list out the flaws and positive aspects. This is an attempt to have an idea of what is currently happening given the scenario in question so as to help in ERP implementation.
  • Evaluate and decide the additions that need to be made to the business in view of ERP implementation. The aim is to make sure that there is not even a thin line of difference between ERP and the organizations commercial activities. It will be oriented to ERP function.
  • Rating the existing level of performance to set a benchmark or standards for the business as on date. This will help in finding out the benefit of ERP.
  • Having an in-depth study of the regulations and statements in the organizations and suggesting modifications. This also will decide ERP implementation.
  • Clearly defining the roles of individuals in the organization so that the priorities are met and the structure remains undisturbed. This is to make things clear for ERP function.
  • Checking if the objective in discharging duties are met because it is the ultimate solution to any issue. If they are not met the gaps should be made known and corrected. Only then the organization can achieve the benefit of ERP.
  • Ensuring that functions are executed properly and if need be personnel can be rewarded to boost up and encourage performance.
  • Similarly comparisons are to be made for every other factor that draws relation in one way or other. These results are to be complied for ERP gap analysis.
  • The gap analysis takes into account all the factors of study and gives the results. It either recommends the implementation of an ERP system or rejects the idea in totality.

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3 thoughts on “Steps in ERP Gap Analysis

  1. hi,
    i am a student of national institute of construction management and research, PUNE. I am working on my thises topic on GAP ANALYSIS IN APPLICATION OF ERP FOR REAL ESTATE FIRMS. SO PLEASE SND ME SOME RELATED DATA TO MY TOPIC.

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