What Notification Types are available in Oracle Service

The following Notifications are available:”You can set up the application to automatically notify the service request owner and customer contacts associated with the service request whenever a certain event occurs, for example, whenever a service request is created, closed, or reassigned. Notifications can be sent via Oracle Workflow notifications or by e-mail.

Oracle TeleService includes a notification workflow and notification templates suitable for different types of events, but implementers must set up the rules that trigger the workflow. The rules make it possible to selectively notify users only about events of interest to the organization. This notification functionality enhances and replaces notifications through the Call Support Process workflow which can be associated with Service Request Types. The Call Support Process notifies users each and every time a service request is updated. This release includes one seeded notification rule: If service request status changes to closed, then notify the primary contacts of related service requests.

The following table describes the events that can trigger a notification message to be sent and the scope of the rule you can create.

1. Contact Added to Service Request

2. Published Solution Added to Service Request

3. Service Request Status Changed

4. Service Request Created

5. Service Request Owner Changed

6. Relationship Created

7. Relationship Removed

8. Service Request Updated

The Notifications that are available in Oracle Service can be set up via the Customer Support -> Setup -> Service Requests -> Notification Rules form.



Oracle® TeleService Implementation Guide


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