Script to Clear Orders Stuck in Workflow @ Releasing

If you have some order lines in booked status and the ship line activity is in error instead of ‘Notified’ then use the following script (But check on Test Environment first). Pass the line_id for one of the line from problematic order and check if this will progress the line to ‘Awaiting Shipping’ and the work flow activity to Notified status.

set serveroutput on

l_line_id NUMBER := &line_id; /* Order Line Id*/
l_org_id NUMBER; /* Organization Id*/
l_count NUMBER;
l_activity_id NUMBER;
l_result VARCHAR2(30);


(p_itemtype => ‘OEOL’
,p_itemkey => to_char(l_line_id) /* Order Line Id*/
,p_actid => 12345
,p_funcmode => ‘SET_CTX’
,p_result => l_result

select activity_id
into l_activity_id
from wf_item_activity_statuses_v
where item_type = ‘OEOL’
and activity_name = ‘SHIP_LINE’
and item_key = to_char(l_line_id)
and activity_status_code = ‘ERROR’;


3 thoughts on “Script to Clear Orders Stuck in Workflow @ Releasing

  1. Hi

    what if the order lines are stuck in status shipped and the invoices are not generating

    do you have a workaround for that

    thanks a million

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