How can we reduce time for shipping in Oracle Order Management?

In one of my client they are facing problem that oracle shipping process is very hectic and lengthy for making one gate pass / delivery note they need 10 to 15 minutes

They are following these Steps to Ship / dispatch an order

Release order

Navigate to Transact Move order

Allocate quantity

Transact Quantity

Switch to order Management responsibility and navigate to shipping Form

Make delivery

Make Trip

Close Trip


We can Reduce Dispatch Time by follow the following steps

On the release sales order form, if we select Auto Pick Confirm as Yes and Auto Create Delivery as Yes then the pick release program will complete creation of Move Order, allocation of move order, transaction of move order, creation of delivery.

After this User need to ship confirm the delivery and dispatching process will be over.

We can also have an option to automatically ship confirm ‘Automated Ship Confirmation’. We can use the Ship Confirm Rule on the Release Sales order form. From the Release Sales Orders for picking window we can specify an individual sales order to perform Auto Ship Confirm. Auto Ship Confirm will be performed for all the deliveries assigned to the individual order

3 thoughts on “How can we reduce time for shipping in Oracle Order Management?

  1. Respected Ahmad,

    if we put our all oders to Stage pick confirmed then its posibility that some order may goto Backorder, lets assume that we 7 q’ty of item “A” but we hve more than 7 q’t’s availble in orders, than its posible that some essentailail order goto Backorder,plz tell us how can we send those orders to Stage pick confirm, those are need full.

  2. Dear Zahid ,
    Your question is bit confusing but as per my understanding I am rephrasing your question to help other visitors

    You have 3 orders with following details
    Order Number 1
    Item A order Quantity 100
    Order Number 2
    Item B order Quantity 10
    Order Number 3
    Item C order Quantity 500

    You have on hand Quantity (Available to Reserve, Available to Transact) as
    Item A 100
    Item B 6
    Item C 570

    All order belongs to one order type XX_Type

    You are going to Release all orders belong to XX_type , Order 1 and 3 is released without any problem but Order Number 2 will be back ordered.

    This is standard functionality that if on hand (ATT or ATR) is not available then order automatically back ordered for such orders you have to go to Transact Move Order form and Use Split Line Functionality.

    You can also engineer your business process to make sure that no order will be skipped
    “At the time of order entry check your on hand quantity”

  3. I do not i am putting my question on a right place or not but i am doing because i need complete info about “Oracle Order Management” so if you have then email me i will be thanks full.

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