6 thoughts on “Bank Account Transfers in Oracle Cash Management

  1. I try to transfer amount from my local currency bank account to foreign currency bank account and there no Voucher journal appear and log from create account request appear next
    (A conversion type is required when the entered currency is different from the ledger currency. Please enter a conversion type for line -3.
    2 0 The account on the gain or loss line is invalid. If you have a gain/loss journal line type defined, please verify the account derivation rule
    attached to it on the journal line definition. If not, verify the value of the source mapped to the accounting attributes Exchange Gain
    Account and Exchange Loss Account)
    Please i need help

  2. then what about this cross currency transfer is there any currency conversion rate definition is required, i am not able to see any conversion field in bank account transfer window.

    pls let me know

  3. provide the application tables involved in bank transfer and what is the link between ce_cashflows and ce_payment_transactions

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