Oracle Procurement Contract (a step by step user guide)

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16 thoughts on “Oracle Procurement Contract (a step by step user guide)

  1. Salaam Alaikum Ahmed,

    How are you? I needed some inputs on Procurement Contracts. I have full understanding of Procurement process but am new to Procurement Contracts. Wanted to know if this is a seperate responsibility in which contracts are created. altered, submitted and approved or it is withing the Purchasing Responsibility?

    Is it same as Contract Purchase Agreements or different?

    Also once you create a contract for ex: service contract for IT computers. Buyer purchases the Asset(computers)from the supplier, receives them and AP invoices it. Next step is interfaces to FA and and Asset is created. Can a contract track all this information. Also is there a place where we can make use of serial number so that it gets populated in Assets automatically and tracked from their?

    In assets once the asset starts depreciating and reaches its life how will the information be communicated to the contract. If it is a service item(asset)?

    Please give your inputs on this.


      • HI can you please send me some useful step by step implementation guide for procurement contracts

      • Dear Ahmad,

        Thanks for your document.,

        Having created the Templates/Clauses, why the “Create Contracts Purchase Order” page, does not show the “Actions” List Box with “Add Contract Terms”.,


  2. Hi ,

    In Procurement cotract able to implement Liquidity Damage. If supplied didn’t supply the good on time then some amount based on PO value need to charge with them.

  3. Hi ,

    Is it possible to apply liquidity damage in Oracle Procurement contract?

    For eg. if supplier didn’t supply the material/service on time then based on PO amount the charge to be charged with supplier.

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