Line Drilldown in GL Journal Screen Requires User Name and Password

One of my clients was complaining about error “You Have Insufficient Privileges For The Current Operation” while Line Drill down from GL Journal screen. Internet explorer version was 6.0.2900 with Java 6 update 21. Oracle suggestion in METALINK note “1106048.1“ is Uninstall all updates on Java 6 which are more than 15. What does it means, Java version should be Java 6 with Update 15 maximum. Downgrading Java is a problem as might some other Application requires latest Java Version. It’s always hectic to explain to the client with business reason. So this option out of scope. Later on I found out that issue is because of one option only and no need to uninstall all updates.
1. On the local computer, move to the Control Panel – choosing Start/Settings/Control Panel – Choose the Java icon
2. A window opens – choose the advanced tab
3. Locate the entry for Java Plug-in – expand this option (refer to Image below)
4. Uncheck the Enable the next-generation Java Plug-in box (refer to Image below)
5. Restart the browser and retest the issue.


2 thoughts on “Line Drilldown in GL Journal Screen Requires User Name and Password

  1. Thanks Ahmed bilal for this valuable information.
    this was happned with me since 2 months.
    after review the above solution now it get resolved.

    Thanks & Regards

    Muzammil A. Khan

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