Accrual Accounting – Periodic Accrual on Period End

Accrual Accounting – Periodic Accrual on Period End in Oracle Purchasing

How can we reduce time for shipping in Oracle Order Management?

In one of my client they are facing problem that oracle shipping process is very hectic and lengthy for making one gate pass / delivery note they need 10 to 15 minutes

They are following these Steps to Ship / dispatch an order

Release order

Navigate to Transact Move order

Allocate quantity

Transact Quantity

Switch to order Management responsibility and navigate to shipping Form

Make delivery

Make Trip

Close Trip


We can Reduce Dispatch Time by follow the following steps

On the release sales order form, if we select Auto Pick Confirm as Yes and Auto Create Delivery as Yes then the pick release program will complete creation of Move Order, allocation of move order, transaction of move order, creation of delivery.

After this User need to ship confirm the delivery and dispatching process will be over.

We can also have an option to automatically ship confirm ‘Automated Ship Confirmation’. We can use the Ship Confirm Rule on the Release Sales order form. From the Release Sales Orders for picking window we can specify an individual sales order to perform Auto Ship Confirm. Auto Ship Confirm will be performed for all the deliveries assigned to the individual order

How can I unreserved quantity, Reserved against a closed / canceled sale order


In one of my operating unit sale officer enter order and released to ware house, after that sale officer cancel that sale order. Now it showing me quantity reserved for that sale order in system but actually order is canceled how can I unreserved this quantity


For 11i – 11.5.7 / INV.G and above

Download and review Patch.3170660 “script i2471362.sql not correcting orders for cancelled qty”

Run i2471362.sql to remove any old reservations

To delete a reservation manually

NAVIGATE to INV/On hand Availability/ Reservations Query up the item and find the associated row for the order Place cursor on the row to be deleted and click on delete icon and save icon.


Metalink Note Id 150081.1

Serial number is not available when doing a inventory transaction but shows in on hand quantity


Formula to Calculate Available to Reserve at Different levels

The formula is  

Actual Available to Reserve = Minimum (Available to Reserve at Particular node/Sub Inventory level, Available to Reserve at higher nodes/ Inventory Organization Level)Explanation
1. Organization level (highest level):

On Hand Quantity for item A = 345 – 30 = 315

(Here Consider 30 is stuck quantity in MMTT, Mean unprocessed pending transactions in MMTT)

So Available to Reserve at Organization level = 315
2. Sub Inv level:On Hand Quantity for item A = 345
Available to Reserve at Sub Inventory level= 315
Actual Available to Reserve = Minimum (Available to Reserve at Sub Inventory level, Available to Reserve at Organization level)
Insert value in a table column c

Select Min(c) from dual

Result will be 315 Available to Reserve is 315

If anyone have any observation / reservation then let me know

How to Delete Stock Locators by Using API

How to Create Stock Locators By using API

How to Create Stock Locator by using API