Types of Siebel User Interfaces

What are types of Siebel User Interfaces?
Following two Types of Siebel User Interfaces are available
– High Interactivity Mode (HI)
– Standard Interactivity Mode (SI)
HI and SI user interfaces are designed to serve two different group of user.
High Interactivity Mode (HI)
HI is available for employee applications like Siebel Sales. It is supporting highly interactive users. It requires Internet Explorer 5 +. It provides additional functionality (using additional code such as Active X controls). It has drag-and-drop for setting column width etc. It reduces number of page refreshes (So Decrease load on Server). It has menu bar and tool bars and has implicit save (automatically save record by stepping out). It reduces the number of page refreshes.
Standard Interactivity Mode (SI)
SI is available for customer Application and behaves like traditional web applications; requiring frequent page refreshes. It behaves like typical HTML based Web Application. It is available on a wide variety of browsers.
Major Plus Points in High Interactivity Mode (HI)
The following features are supported only by high interactivity rest almost everything is same
• HI Required Internet Explorer 5 + to Run application
• Client-side scripting is available with access to Siebel objects on the client side
• Hi have Interactive controls. Like calculator, calendar date/time selector
• Implicit save. saves the record without having to press the save button
• Supports High interactive graphical UI Elements such as Flowcharts, Organization charts


Siebel Introduction

First Step to Siebel . In next post i will write about Interfaces , Components and Architecture.

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