About Me

Respected Reader,

I’m Ahmad Bilal and I write this Blog to help Oracle Community and to share what I learned after paying some cost 🙂

I have over 10 years of experience in ERP consulting, Application pre-sales and leading implementation of enterprise solutions to support business transformation programs and business governance. I have managed enterprise wide implementations covering scope and risk management, planning, process design, rollout, and change management.

I have managed projects and provided consulting services around Supply Chain automation, eBusiness Suite, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Performance Management, setting procedure enhancements, and re-engineering of business flows.

Currently I am working as Practice Lead / Projects Manager with APPSLINK Consulting and responsible for Delivery & Resource Management.

i am working as forums moderator for erpstuff.com contributing articles on different websites like oracle.anilpassi.com. I also am working as contractor for oraclecontractors.com

you can reach me on my email abmian1981@gmail.com.



28 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Bilal, Eid Mubarak

    I am in need of a little help. I have studied Oracle financials for quite some time. Tried to get as much knowledge as possible but unfortunately I do not have practical experience of a real time world. Even then, I got a job offer here in Texas USA.

    The poject details are not very complicated but I do not have confidence. I need little tips and tricks to handle issues.

    Is it possible to have your working email address or phone number in Karachi ? I will be very grateful to you.


  2. Hi Bilal,

    Right now i am in migration project.please tell me about Labour,Time management,Ap,Om modules. so that i can proceed to my work.Please send me some material if you have on this modules…

  3. Hi bilal,
    There is a small requirement in Oreder management…
    the thing is If there are any order holds we have to send the notifications to the customers trough fax/email…i konw the base tables and iam able to query those orders/custname..etc…. but guide me how to sned the notification..thank you and its a urgent requirement

  4. Hi Ahmed,

    You have a real good blog. Thanks for posting so much information.

    I have 1 doubt regarding collaboration Suite. It would be really great if you can help me.

    I have installed Oracle Collabsuite 10g and during installation given SMTP port as 30. Now after installation I want to change the port from 30 to 25. Is there any way to do the same. I tried many options and also referred to documents, but did not get any help. I also posted the same in Oracle Forum


    , but did not get any reply.

    Thanking in advance.


    Advait Deo

  5. Perform the following steps:


    Open the Oracle Email listener configuration file as follows:

    Open $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora

    Locate the ESSMI entry for SMTP_IN in the configuration file.

    Change the port number for the ESSMI entry to the desired value and save the file.

    Stop and restart the Oracle Email listener.

    Update the Oracle Email process parameter as follows:

    Start Directory Manager (for Oracle Internet Directory) and log in as orcladmin.

    Navigate to:

    * Entry Management

    * cn=OracleContext

    * cn=Computers

    * cn=your_hostname

    * cn=mtier

    * cn=EMailServer

    * cn=mailProcessConfig

    Check entries for the different processes. For example:



    Click Process Entry in the Navigator.

    In the Properties tab, update the value of the orclmailport attribute to the desired value.

    Click Apply to save the changes.

    Reinitialize the SMTP process as follows:

    Log in as the ias_admin user in the Enterprise Manager Web site at:



    Navigate to the Middle-tier instance and select System Components, and then Unified Messaging.

    Select the Unified Messaging Inbound SMTP process and click Reinitialize.

    Note: You can also use the oesctl command to reinitialize the SMTP process from the command line.

  6. Hi Ahmad,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed steps. I followed the steps exactly, but I am still facing the issue with mails.

    I have stopped sendmail OS level process running on port 25 and then made changes in listener.ora file on apps side. Bounced the listener. Made changes in OID. The orclMailPort parameter was Null, I put a value of 25 in that field.

    However , since I am using collabsuite 10g, I was not able to find “Unified Messaging” in System Components and was not able to re-initialize. So I bounced the entire apps tier.

    Still same issue is persisting. Could you please suggest anything on this. Am I missing some thing.

    Thanks again for your help!!


    Advait Deo

  7. Hi Belal
    How to map multiple position hierarchy in single operating unit. ie materials dept req should go material manager, po req should go to purchase manager. and how does know the system wher it should go ?

  8. Hierarchy will be like this

    CFO Level 1
    Department Manager Level 2 PO and Material Manager
    below them you can assign respective department resource

    In Simple it should be a Top Down Tree

  9. hey ahmed,

    can you tell me how to set mover order number to auto numbering and lock it. for time been we are having open field if mannual is entered then its fine else it generates autonumber. now from where does this sequence is maintain.

  10. I have a question related to Oracle Advanced Pricing; Here is the Scenario.

    Have customers who are in the retail space. Need the capability to APPLY DISCOUNTS at Sales Order Level;For example sales order so-ord-123 has 5 lines (l1, l2, l3, l4, l5) with an order total of $1000. Need to apply Order Level discount based on a) number of items ordered b) total quantity of items ordered c) total value of sales order; This discount should be re-calculated during shipping (based on actual items shipped and quantities shipped)

    Is it possible to do the above using Oracle Advanced Pricing?

    If a discount were to be applied, can the discount be made visible in Oracle Receivables? This is not mandatory but Sales Order Level Discounting is…..

    Kindly respond at the earliest.


  11. Salam Ahmed,

    I need to know if i loose support from Oracle if I do some customization like putting all information in a single form for AP for e.g, and is it possible to do it without Oracle developer??

  12. Hi Ahmad,

    Can you help me? I have trouble when updating position in HRMS. Below PL/SQL API which I used to update position. This API is default from apps but it can’t be done. Do you have any suggestion? I want to update a hundred record of position.

    Thx before,
    (p_validate => false
    ,p_position_id => 3585
    ,p_effective_start_date => to_date(’01/01/2010′,’dd/mm/yyyy’)
    ,p_effective_end_date => null
    ,p_position_definition_id => 3764
    ,p_valid_grades_changed_warning => FALSE
    ,p_name => ‘TEST VP’
    ,p_object_version_number => 1
    ,p_effective_date => to_date(’01/01/2010′,’dd/mm/yyyy’)
    ,p_datetrack_mode => ‘CORRECTION’

  13. Hi Bilal,
    My client requirement in AR Accounting, we will have 3 stages in AR transaction applying. Those are Confirmation, Remittance, Cash stages. Presently in all 3 stages one account 011000 is taking. so far client is ok with this process. But now their requriement is they want to use some Cash in Transit account 024240 for Confirmation and Remmitance accounts . How can we change the present accounting value in Receipt Confirmation account and Remmitance accounts in RECEIPT CLASS Bank mapping window. I am not able to change the accounting as those are freezed out.
    Could you tell me what steps to be followed for creations of new accounts, how can i taken care of balances of Old accounts.

    advance thanks,

  14. Respected Sir I need your help Sir i am very needy .I am a govt servent but i cannot afford my family . so sir i want small side busniss in part time .Sir as per loan or other condition please help me .i am sure i will returned your money in monthly instalments . Sir accidently my right hand disable .Sir please this is spacietly request . Sir i hope you will consider on my request Sir i am very thankful to you . Sir my contact no is 0302-2345421 and Sirplease please reply . i am waiting your answer .i live in KARACHI PAKISTAN .my account no is 11197900062103 in HABIB BANK LIMITED . Sakhi Hassan Branch. Sir some thing is the better then nothing . Sir any Fund , any Bank , any NGO ,Any person . Sir please if you don,t mind on my request .I am in very big trouble ..I think you have a good thinking for poor people .If you need my inquiery KARACHI WATER AND SEWARAGE BOARD .head office medical department .Emp no is 026710-0 .SHAHID ALI .
    I need urgent help.
    Sir please please reply . Thanks

  15. HI Ahmad,

    I need to make sale order cancel comment field as a mandatory, through from personalization i could not able to do this activities. So can you pls help me out on this?


  16. Have you given any consideration at all with translating your current site into German? I know a several of translaters right here that might help you do it for no cost if you want to get in touch with me.

  17. Whenever I initially commented I clicked on the Notify me whenever new comments are added checkbox and currently each and every time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the exact same comment.

  18. Hi,
    Please change the background color to some cool and pleasant color.
    The Red is irritating to the eyes.
    I understood that it is red because it is oracle. But it still it is odd as the area is more.

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